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Below are the facilties that are available to rent  for all your recreational needs. Please contact the City Hall at 706-486-4102 and make reservations.


Ball Field : Great for Baseball Games, Softball Games, Soccer Games, and Birthday Parties for Children.

Universal Drive
Union Point

Union Point Gym: School programs, Food drives, etc.

200 Witcher Street
Union Point


Community Center: Most commonly used for family reunions, social gatherings, birthday parties, receptions, etc.*****

107 Hart Avenue
Union Point

 ***** The Community Center is a non profit entity and is governed by a board of directors.  As a courtesy the City of Union Point keeps the reservation calendar and accepts the payments which are turned over tto the Board of Directors of the Community Center.*****



City of Union Point
107 Scott Street
P.O. Box 233
Union Point, Georgia 30669
Phone# 706-486-4102
Fax# 706-486-4276